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Benefits of SOPA?

This SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) conflict just emphasizes what we already know: Money touches everything. But it also suggests that the obvious solutions may actually be the most effective.

Let’s recap: “Money,” as we’ve all been taught, has no inherent worth. At one time, it represented something called “gold,” but that was back when David Bowie was doing his best Lady Gaga impression. Today, money is just shorthand, a representation of power, a centralized, somewhat-monitored method of putting time, energy, goods, and services on a level, exchangeable playing field. The E=MC2 of work, if you will. And when we allow that power to be centralized in the hands of a few, those few are going to do their darndest to keep that power intact. That’s what Darwin called the law of nature and David Bowie called “common sense.” Read more

Fluid and the Digital Media Revolution

I love books. Love ‘em. And amidst the cacophony of digital media buzzwords that blew out our ears last year, buzzwords like “transmedia” and “expanded content,” one horrifying declaration was repeated enough times to fill a musty library:The Traditional Novel is Dying. The argument was simple: We eat our media differently now, cut it into smaller bytes, and the experience of a solitary author speaking to a single reader was an event going the way of laser light shows. Like all art forms, the novel was being pushed to embrace new technology, to expand and adapt while still maintaining its essence. But how? Read more