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Fluid and the Digital Media Revolution

I love books. Love ‘em. And amidst the cacophony of digital media buzzwords that blew out our ears last year, buzzwords like “transmedia” and “expanded content,” one horrifying declaration was repeated enough times to fill a musty library:The Traditional Novel is Dying. The argument was simple: We eat our media differently now, cut it into smaller bytes, and the experience of a solitary author speaking to a single reader was an event going the way of laser light shows. Like all art forms, the novel was being pushed to embrace new technology, to expand and adapt while still maintaining its essence. But how?

This is where my new book, Fluid comes in. From beginning to end, it is emphatically a novel, engaging all of the expected reading muscles (gripping plot, compelling characters, resonant metaphors, quick pacing), but then, thanks to modern technology… it engages more of you. You must interact with this book. You must impose your will on it and make decisions that cannot be undone – you must live it. Now, in 2012, a novel about free will can require free will from its reader. This is the power of unleashed digital media: it allows form to truly follow necessarily from content. More than an interactive, choose-your-own adventure story, the choices in Fluid engage you and, in the end, say something about who you are.

Fluid is the story of Chastity and Austin, two unassuming teens at the center of an epic love story beginning in the Garden of Eden and ending tomorrow, a story of two souls circling each other in narrowing orbits, a story of the struggle between Ultimate Good and Pure Evil, a story that is driven by decisions you must make. When first opening the novel, you, the reader, are confronted with a single question: “Who is more powerful: God, The Devil, or Man?” Your answer sets you off on one of 500 different possible pathways through the book, including different endings, chapters, and back stories, an arrangement ensuring no two readers will have the same reading experience. As each and every pathway is a paced, cohesive literary experience, this novel truly combines the power of literature with the power of digital media. Additionally, this integrated application is breaking new ground in its use of Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Fluid can be purchased here. I couldn’t be more excited about the project, the execution, or Coliloquy – the amazing new publisher with the foresight to push literary boundaries.


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