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My new novel, Fluid is a “digital novel.” That is, it’s impossible for the book to exist in a classic print version. There isn’t really a “core” document or a best pathway, which causes the reading experience to truly be dependent on reader-driven choices. My forward-thinking publisher, Coliloquy, is interested in discovering new ways for readers to interact with longform text – from books with single choice points to fully interactive novels to serialized novellas whose sequels are based around user analytics. There are a multitude of ways to bring expansive storytelling into the modern age but the same question inevitably arises, regardless of the specific medium: What is the best ratio of choice to story? I, for one, like to have conversations, but I also like to be told stories. I like to play video games, but I also like to watch films. There are pros and cons to each type of media engagement, but the consistent thread through all successful storytelling is that the platform suits the story.  Coliloquy is devoted to developing books that need their unique platform to reach total fruition, but many of the production entities scrambling to join the herd are clearly putting presentation over ingredients. Since we can now see that the endgame here is nothing short of total connectivity and complete untethered access to everything in the world, I figure it’s a good time to see how the novel has fared (and will fare) against another increasingly popular method of longform storytelling – the Alternate Reality Gaming and transmedia world.

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FLUID Promo 3

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