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Rising Tides and Floating Boats

Humans are tribal animals. We carve out teams and we despise enemies and we build fences and we assign names. Our evolved biology is sublimely equipped to nomad ourselves around in groups of about 150, combating other bands of wanderers and generally raising hell. However, as you may have noticed, you live in a city, and us humans will continue to do so in greater proportions as time marches on. All of which is to say our evolved biology isn’t quite as effective at navigating the modern world as it was at navigating the nomadic plains. Now, there are a whole HOST of ways in which this severely bones us (more posts coming in the future), but I want to specifically address how this affects artists. Read more

In Which I Apply for a Scholarship…

Those of us who have worked our way into the arts, either intentionally or through a series of questionable life decisions, are familiar with the expected confusion of our peers/family/friends. Increasingly, pursuing an artistic lifestyle is seen as selfish (at worst) and reckless (at best). And, while both of these may be true (what lifestyle ISN’T selfish or reckless these days?), it becomes particularly frustrating to defend one’s chosen vocation when applying for scholarship programs. With that in mind, here is my recent application essay for a high-level public policy scholarship, in which I attempt to defend multimodal thinking, polymathic lifestyles and a general artistic worldview. I’ll let you know how it goes. Read more