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Travis Sentell is without question a talented and ingenious writer.” – Andra Olenik, Algonquin Books

“Sentell is a whip-smart writer with a fabulous conceit for a novel. I also thought Mr. Sentell’s dark humor and use of irony was pitch-perfect.” – Helen Atsma, Little, Brown

“Sentell has a great voice, and I was really drawn to his snappy style and clever dialogue. I was surprised by how thoughtful this was, and I was impressed by how many different genres he manages to straddle with such aplomb. It’s clear that Sentell is a young writer to watch.” – Brendan Duffy, Penguin

“Sentell writes in a crackling, compelling style.” John Williams, Harper Collins

“Sentell is a lively writer.” – Brant Rumble, Scribner

“[A] lively, smart, humorous voice.” Jonathan Karp, Hachette Book Group

“Sentell’s references come at us in a flurry, and his writing is fast, smart, and confident.” -Luke Epplin, Random House

“Sentell had a good ear for all the sarcasm, hypocrisy and hype that comprises life in the ad industry.” – Sam Douglas, Picador

“[A] very, very talented writer” – Michael Homler, St. Martin’s Press

“[A]n excellent writer” – Liz Scheier, Penguin

“[I] was impressed by his sardonic wit.” – Adam Korn, Kensington Books

“Sentell is a terrific writer. The voice here is great (and solid and consistent), and this just felt smart overall.” – Sally Kim, Shaye Areheart Books

“The writing is so good.” – Ben Sevier, Dutton

“There’s definitely a sharp biting insight on every page of Travis Sentell’s novel.” – Noah Eaker, The Dial Press

“He is a wonderful, emerging talent, with a keen, satirical eye, and an uncanny ability to skewer modern sensibility while simultaneously celebrating it.” – Colin Dickerman, Bloomsbury, USA

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