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I will do my best to keep this relatively updated….

2011 – Fluid is dusted off and rewritten for publication by Coliloquy. This has been an honor to work on – new media, new writing, new frontiers. Very much looking forward to writing in new media in the future.

2010 was a busy year. Tchicaya and I did readings/signing at 15 bookstores around the country, from New York to Atlanta to Los Angeles to parts between. The reception to In the Shadow of Freedom surpassed our expectations and we were honored to be featured in such national media as the New York Times, CNN, The Daily Beast, and Kirkus, not to mention the hundreds of newspapers that ran reviews and the radio stations and local newspapers that we did interviews for.

2009 was full of acting and finishing up my new novel, Mass Appeal. I shot a web series entitled Frents with Kyle Bornheimer (Worst Week, She’s Out of My League), written by a friend of mine, Melissa Sadoff-Oren. I also was featured playing drums in the new video by Paul Baker. Check it out. Also, for the third time, got to the final round of auditions for STOMP. Ugh. Finished revisions on the PKD influenced sci-fi novel Communion.

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