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SINergy: The 7 deadly sins and other ingenious marketing schemes.

A novel about the neuroscientific basis of sin and the perils of mass marketing, optioned for the screen by Mark Ordesky (Lord of the Rings trilogy). Jim Uhls (Fight Club) attached to write.


Zack Morris, twenty-four, is being fired for old age. In the fast-paced, consumer savvy world of Brand, Inc., there is simply no room for employees outside the optimum buying demographic. This quarter-life crisis is pre-empted by a rogue human genome project scientist purporting to have discovered the genetic components to all seven deadly sins. As Zack weighs the possibility of marketing a secular religious system to an apathetic populous, he must learn to juggle his own burgeoning spirituality, eager terrorist groups and the aggressive sexual appetite of his new boss’s daughter. It’s pop culture on speed, religion on Prozac, and genetically-engineered terrorism, all related by a young, US Weekly -subscribing copywriter.

SINergy: The Seven Deadly Sins and Other Ingenious Marketing Schemes is a timely mix of cultural observations à la Douglas Coupland, nihilistic irony à la Chuck Palahniuk and spiritual salvation à la Deepak Chopra. Extensively researched and based entirely on verifiable experimentation, this novel takes scientific missionary work to a whole new level-one where spirituality is diagnosed and treated like depression or ADD. A love story, a coming-of-age tale, and a science-based thriller mesh with the growing spiritual concern of our time-the intrusion of technology into areas previously dominated by faith.

The last year has seen an explosion of research around scientific spirituality, causing the line between fact and fiction in SINergy to blur dramatically. Just a few titles that have hit non-fiction bestseller lists include: THE GOD GENE, THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF, and recently, BREAKING THE SPELL. SINergy, however, would be the first book to approach this exploding topic of biochemical, brain-based spirituality in novelized form. The human genome project, initially finished in 2003, continues to astonish the public with almost weekly revelations about the internal workings of our own neurochemistry. Already, we’ve seen (on the cover of Time magazine no less) remarkable research on the “obesity gene” and the “anger gene.” With gluttony and wrath down, how much longer before the other five deadly sins are exposed as pre-ordained code written into our very flesh? Quoting everyone from George Clooney to Stephen Hawking to Jesus Christ, and setting the action all the way from the laboratory to the Oscars, Travis Sentell aims to find out.

Reactions to SINergy:

“Sentell has a great voice, and I was really drawn to his snappy style and clever dialogue. I was surprised by how thoughtful this was, and I was impressed by how many different genres he manages to straddle with such aplomb…It’s clear that Sentell is a young writer to watch.” -Brendan Duffy, Penguin

“Travis Sentell is without question a talented and ingenious writer” -Andra Olenik, Algonquin Books

“He is a wonderful, emerging talent, with a keen, satirical eye, and an uncanny ability to skewer modern sensibility while simultaneously celebrating it.” -Colin Dickerman, Bloomsbury, USA

“There’s definitely a sharp biting insight on every page of Travis Sentell’s novel.” -Noah Eaker, The Dial Press

Watch here for publication updates.

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