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Flying Naked

Flying Naked is a 2006 film written and directed by Travis Sentell.  It was selected for inclusion in more than ten film festivals around the world, including the Cannes Short Film Corner, where it was sold to Mini Movie.

This mystical dramedy follows a woman as she is forced to choose between the man she loves…and the man of her dreams.

Flying Naked exists as a movie–not as a novel, a short story, a piece of theatre, or a song. To that end, it was our singular goal to find those things that film, and only film, can present truthfully. What stories need to be told via a visual medium, and what can these images tell us that more traditional modes of storytelling cannot?

Flying Naked is a film about desire, contentment, dreams and reality, but it is also, quite simply, an exploration of a medium.

“What matters more in a healthy relationship? How you see yourself, or how the other person sees you?” This question of sight, of visual interpretation, pervades the movie and serves as its philosophical undercurrent. More specifically, how do visuals serve the understanding of loved ones more than words, ideas, or thoughts? Literally, how does your partner see you? And does that really matter?

As our culture barrages us with images of what could have been and what should be, we are increasingly asked to choose between an amorphous, “perfect” future and the bland, comfortable reality that confronts us everyday. Flying Naked suggests that it is often the brave choice to accept the known and stable over the exciting, radical void.

Chosen for inclusion in such festivals as: The Big Island Film Festival, The Big Damn Film Festival, Indianapolis International Film Festival, Brilliant Light International Film Festival, George Lindsey International Film Festival, Veneration Film Festival, NewFilmmakers, Cannes

Watch the trailer here!


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