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The Mysteries of Life, Revealed! in Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers (Random House, 2006)

#10 on the Boston Globe Bestseller List

“Gen Y has found its voice-29 of them, to be exact. These smart, personal essays . . . are more addictive than MySpace.” -Marie Claire

“Being in your twenties is weird. The world tells you you’re a grown-up, but damn if you feel like one. With 29 sharply observant and well-written snapshots of life between the ages of 19 and 30, Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers couldn’t have captured this more perfectly.” -Nylon

“You’ll devour this compilation of essays by funny, smart, insightful young writers in just a few hours.” -Jane

“[Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers offers] a wide variety of experience. . . . If we are still looking for a voice for this generation, I’d nominate this eclectic choir instead.” -Orlando Sentinel

“[Ranging] from playful and absurd to poignant and earnest . . . [Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers is] a bold reminder that this generation is extremely diverse and very capable. . . . These essays will speak to you no matter your age.”

“The essays . . . have an urgency, an immediacy, even as the subject matter runs the gamut from sex to death.” -Los Angeles Times Book Review

We Did It! in Litro Magazine – 2011 (Read by the author! (me))

The Debutante’s Ball – 2010

Amateur Gourmet – 2009

More to come…

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